Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Salmon fishing is back with a Scream

Salmon fishing is back with a Scream. Anglers were hearing the scream of there reels all day as fish after fish were being hooked on the Main South West Miramichi.

Main South West Miramichi started out very good the first couple days of the season. Many anglers limit out with there daily limit of 10 grilse or salmon. Low water conditions was a bit of a challenge but the water has raised some on Tuesday, which will help improve the boating. But with a rise in water also comes dirty water conditions and slows the fishing down. So anglers that were getting big numbers were only getting a few as results of dirty water. River temperatures were around 49 (F)  or 9.44 degrees Celsius and is normally more colder this time of the year.

Cains river was very clear and low but still had fish in it and they were very active Monday and Tuesday. I hooked fish up as far as salmon brook area. The only part of the river we had to watch out for when motoring was in the area of hells gates pool where it is very low and some changes to the gravel bars.

The North West Miramichi has lots of fish around.Anglers were hooking fish up near McLaughlin pool. Flies of choice were Renous Eagle, Black Ghost and Smelts.

Derek Munn told me that the fishing in the Doaktown area was good and just as predicted opening day was awesome. Many anglers limit out by early afternoon at the Ledges Inn. 

Flies of choice for the week are Renous Special, Christmas Tree, Golden Eagle, Black Ghost, Red Eagle, Green Eagle, Smelts and many more Marabou patterns.

Until next week tight lines.