Friday, June 26, 2009

Salmon Landed on the Miramichi

Miramichi Fishing Reports for the South West Miramichi River for Colfords Guiding. The last three days we saw a few fish in all our pools. But with the hard hitting heat it has really slowed things down. Water temperatures were 70 degrees and fish were not showing very well.

I fished Renous river this morning and did not see anything move in the pool. The water level looked very good and the temperature was 67 degrees F. This evening I fished the Brophy Pool on the Main SW Miramichi and still did not see a thing, and the water was 70 degrees. While canoeing back to camp we saw several fisherman and they said they were not seeing much. A few anglers had saw a few this morning around the mouth of Cain's River.

Fish Hooked
Yesterday Roger Savage hooked and landed a 15 pound salmon at the mouth of Cains River in Howard. And not far up river Sonny Christian landed a grilse and saw a few more. Ian Fortune of Blackville hooked a salmon and lost it on a bomber. He also said someone had hooked a grilse in the Blackville Pool. There was a salmon landed today at the Upper Blackville bridge Pool, not sure who it was or the fly pattern. Luther Peterson was seeing a few fish over the last couple days but did not hook any. Black Brook guys were seeing a few fish but none landed to date. There were a few fish being hooked in Quarryville Pool some anglers had said. There was also a couple hooked up in the Mcgraw Brook area on the Renous the last couple days.

The weather looks very good for the next week with cooler temperatures and some rain. Temps from 13 C to 21 C and 15 to 20 ml of rain expected in the forecast. Hopefully it will cool things down and the fish will start pounding all your flies! and my bombers!

Well that's salmon fishing! Good today and bad tomorrow! Should of been here yesterday? Well its not all about the catching sometimes, its just nice to be out on the water with friends, and just seeing some fish roll or jump keeps you very excited too throw that next cast! and hope he takes the fly! And if he does not there's always tomorrow.

Tight Lines,
Rodney colford

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Perfect Conditions For Atlantic Salmon Runs

South West Miramichi River Report for June 24th 2009. It was a very cold day on the river with the levels very high on the lower stretches yesterday. Water was clear but with the heavy winds made it very difficult to cast, and boating was a bit tricky too. The water temperature was around 59 F for the Main River and should be perfect for catching salmon.

I fished today with Jeff Colwell and his two sons Ian and Curtis, we saw a few fish near Upper Blackville but had no luck in hooking any. We also saw several trout rising for flies on the surface, some seemed to be in the 10 to 12 inch range. We finished the day early around 5:00PM.

After we finished for the day I told my father about the fish we saw, my father Gary Colford and Joel Kitchen decided to take the 25 minute boat ride up to the pool we had fished all afternoon, and sure enough they hooked up with dad landing a 15 pound salmon and loosing another salmon breaking the leader. Dad said he had a few more hits and saw 6 or 7 more fish roll. He also said he had a nice trout on over a pound. Joel did not hook up but said he had a few hits and saw a few fish. Dad hooked his fish on a shady lady and a butterfly. There were several fisherman out on the water today on the lower stretches of the Miramichi but all I was talking too said it was slow and were holding up a big 0 as I was passing when I ask how they were doing.

Nor West Miramichi River
Monday I fished the North West Miramichi with my son Zachery, all day fishing we had not saw a single fish. Dale Steve's had rolled a few and said he saw several on Saturday and Sunday. Also on Monday there were two anglers up river from me that said they both hooked a salmon on a black ghost. The area I was fishing had several fisherman and all were waiting for the grilse runs to start. Anglers were fishing everything for flies but the kitchen sink! some were saying. But black ghost seemed to be the pattern of choice.

The weather over the next few days looks like cloudy periods with some rain and temperatures from 20C to 27C and a few days feeling like 34C.
The barometric pressure is rising at 101.27 kpa so maybe we will see some sun after all.

Fishing Packages
If your looking to get out fishing I still have spots available for the day fisherman and full catering packages. I also have spots open next week if your thinking of getting out for the early runs for the day fisherman. For more on pricing go to fishing prices.

Also the Miramichi Salmon Classic is not far away! July 12th to 15th and fly casting demonstrator Joan Wulff will be attending. Also her husband will be attending
Filmmaker Ted Rogowski who was on the river last summer to film a five-day canoe trip and will show the finished product at this year's Miramichi Salmon Classic in July. Too read more go to the Miramichi Leader.

The Atlantic Salmon Museum
There will be a photo shoot & press release here at the salmon museum on July 1st at 10:30 officially kicking off our Adopt-a-salmon program. Hon. Rick Brewer will be in attendance & I am hoping also Tilly Gordon. If you are able to attend, we would love to have you here. After all, you were part of the “brainstorming”. People are really enjoying this & like the idea of supporting our mission statement & stocking the river.
More info go to the Salmon Museum.

Miramichi Fishing Reports
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Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford
Colfords Guiding

Monday, June 22, 2009

Water rising on Miramichi River!

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Reports from the banks of the South West Miramichi River in New Brunswick Canada. Fishing is still a little slow for the month of June and we are still waiting for the big runs to start filling our rivers. Anglers are very anxious for the grilse runs to start after seeing a few salmon in the rivers.

This is a photo just before the rise in water at Salar Haven club in Upper Blackville.

Sorry for the late reports but not really much too report but slow conditions on most rivers. The last week there have been a few fish hooked. Just yesterday Marshal Arbeau of Upper Blackville hooked another twelve pound salmon, only a few minutes before I was telling him I saw a few salmon on a bar coming his way. He said I was just out of sight with my canoe when he hooked up. Damir Sehic raised a salmon just below the mouth of Cains River on a Blue Bomber and saw a few more. Ross Brophy was seeing a few fish the last couple days but had no takers look at his fly. Randell Connors of Upper Blackville and guide of Country Haven landed a grilse Saturday evening. Leonard Connors also from Upper Blackville reported seeing a couple fish but yet to hook one. Wades Fishing Club were seeing a few fish but said there were only a few showing.

An eagle watching over her young in the nest.

For the North West Miramichi
I was talking with Syd Matchett of Trout Brook Fly Shop last evening and he said they had about a 2 foot raise in water and it started to drop around 1:00pm on Sunday. He said there were a few fish being seen and a few guys hooking up but they were hitting short and most were lost. He also said the NW Miramichi should be good the next few days with the new moon and the high tides that are expected.
I was fishing Friday on the North West and saw an angler land a grilse on a yellow wing butterfly, he said there were a couple landed the night before too. A few other guys we were talking to had saw a few fish at McLaughlin Island Pool but they wouldn't take. Anglers were still getting a few trout in the 10 to 12 inch range.

Flies of choice are red butt moose hair, yellow wing butterfly and bombers that I am a where off.

I will be reporting starting next week with a more day to day reports as I will be more busy on the water. I look forward to giving you the most productive reports on the river from the Lower stretches of the Main South Miramichi, Cains River, Renous, and time to time the North West Miramichi.

Tight Lines,
Guide Rodney Colford

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anglers Starting To Hook Up on the Miramichi River.

Miramichi Fishing Reports for June 17th on the Main South West Miramichi River. Anglers over the last week have been seeing fish on the lower stretches and upper stretches of the river.

Fisherman were hooking fish on the lower stretches to name a few were Eddy Colford with a grilse and a salmon, A Wades member said Jason Curtis released a grilse, Brad Burns also had a salmon and grilse, Marshal Arbeau landed a salmon in Upper Blackville. So there are fish around if your looking to hook up just have patience. This time of year they will be moving through very fast.

I was seeing a lot of fish yesterday around the mouth of Cains area as I hooked a salmon on a number 4 white tail green machine using my double hand 15 foot Loop. I raised him 3 times and then he grabbed it and made two jumps before saying good bye to me! I rolled a few more and things went quite the rest of the evening. There was lots of Shad playing around in the upper pools but after hooking a salmon I had no interest in fishing shad!

Kenny Keenan was fishing for trout at the Mouth of Cains River and had still been catching a few the past few evenings. He had saw a few last night but had no takers when I was talking to him.

I was fishing the North West for a few days and also had some friends fishing there too. The water was good from the last rain and had dropped down to good levels. But the catching for all of us were a big fat Zero! We saw a few fish but very few on the stretches we were fishing. Other anglers were seeing a few but had not hooked up.

The water temperature was around 64F and the water level of the lower section of the river was high and needs to drop at least a foot. Very High tides for the next 12 days so there should be some good runs of fish making there way in. The tides starting tomorrow are 1.21 meters high and keeps on going up to 1.81 meters high over the next 12 days. The new moon is on the 22nd for those of you watching for that. This is the link for the tides if you would like to have a look.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford of the Main South West Miramichi & Tributaries.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Leapers on South West Miramichi River

Salmon on the Miramichi the last few days have been showing more and more! I raised a salmon tonight 4 times on a brown bomber with white ends and once on a green machine white tail number 8 double. My son and I both landed a trout around a pound on dry flies. I saw a few more jumping below us so the runs are coming in.

Danny Stewart hooked one Saturday morning at Nash Bar on a number 4 Cossaboom. Joel Kitchen hooked a salmon at Hogans Pool Sunday morning. And my father said Dave Ranslow of Maine hooked 2 at the Hogan bar. Not sure on the fly patterns they were using.

As for those interested in Shad fishing, they are also here in big numbers! I will keep you posted on our shad fishing over the next couple weeks.

The water temperature is 59F and the barometric pressure is rising and was at 1010 tonight. For tide info please check the links on the side bar of my blog and it will open to the Miramichi Tides.

I also have several spots left for guided fishing this summer and fall so check out my prices on my web site for more information on packages.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Silvers On The Miramichi

Salmon Fishing On The Miramichi over the last few days has been slow on the Main South West Miramichi. But as for the North West Miramichi there was a good run for a few days and still the odd fish being seen on different stretches of the river. We hooked a few on the 29th of May on wet flies. Joel Kitchen again struck first landing a beautiful Springer! silver as a chrome bumper on a car! He hooked the fish on a white tail green machine #8. Dick Lac and buddy Dave from New Hampshire was fishing with me and Dave hooked into his 1st ever Atlantic Salmon and held him just a bit to hard as it straightened the hook on the double #6 green machine. He then had 4 more good hits but none hooked like his first one. We hooked a few small trout Friday as well, they were in the 8 to 12 inch range. We were hoping to hook into some big sea trout but the chance never came for us this week.

There was also good reports from other sections of the river for Friday from Trout Brook Fly Shop. Anglers were dropping by the shop where it is always the best news to find out the reports of the river on the North West and telling there stories of the fish they saw or hooked.

Sydney owner of the fly shop said anglers were hooking trout and salmon on the river. Most other anglers I was talking too had saw some fish. Jim Steeves of Moncton hooked a salmon on Sunday on the North West Miramichi. He had some good trout fishing on the Bartholomew River the day before he told me.

From Monday until today things have been slow fishing for us except for the odd trout from 8 to 12 inches and one being 15 inches. I fished the Main South West Miramichi this morning and saw a fish moving through one of the pools but could not tell if it was a grilse or trout, it was moving through very fast in the clear water. We did hook a few small brookies around 10 inches in the Upper Blackville area of the river.

As for Shad? I have not saw any signs yet but they should be very close to arriving on the lower stretches of the SW Miramichi River. I will post and let you know as soon as I see them for those who are inquiring about them.

Cains River: We also fished the Cains River again but had no luck with getting any big sea trout. I was told there was over 200 trout hundred put through in Juniper at the counter on the Main SW Miramichi. Maybe there will more to come if were lucky, lets hope there is.

The Weather the next few days looks very good with highs from 15C to 25C. Calling for some showers on Sunday and late next week. Not the kind of weather the fisherman maybe looking for to get as the river are starting to get low in some sections.

Tides the next few days are starting to improve with tonight's high tide being at 10:13PM at 0.72 meters. Friday it is 10:37PM 0.76 meters. And then it gets better starting on Saturday with high tide of 1.35 meters at 10:00AM and 11:03PM of 0.81 meters. And for Sunday you are looking at tides of 1.25 meters high tide at 10:40AM and then again at 11:35PM of 0.88 meters.

Tight Lines back in a few days.
Rodney Colford