Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Winds from the east fish take the least

Salmon fishing on the Miramichi River was amazing the past week for many fishermen. East winds were the big topic and most fishermen know, that saying winds from the east, mean fish take the least. But this was not the case on many parts of the river as anglers and guides teamed up and done the right things to get there lines tight and fish in the net.
On the middle stretches of the Miramichi fish were on the take at Wilsons Sporting camp. Keith Wilson said many big fish were caught and the east wind did not slow down production as Sunday was their best day for awhile.
Downstream a bit at The Ledges Inn head guide Derek Munn said the last week was remarkable fishing and the theory that fish don’t take in the east winds are only a myth. Many of our guests had 2 and 3 fish and some limiting out with 4. Derek guided Doctor Scott Boley to a 22lb salmon and which he thought at times the fish was going to be victorious over the doctor. Scott said in his 50 years of fishing on the Miramichi he can’t believe how many fish are in the river. We had over 80 fish landed this week by Tuesday night for the Lodge. I fished the Cains at Moore’s Pool and landed a salmon and grilse. In the last couple days we landed and saw several fish on the Cains and at Moore’s Pool alone there were several fish showing.
Below Blackville at Country Haven fishing was very good too. Fishermen were hooking fish on the Renous, Cains River and The South West Miramichi. Byron Coughlan said they were having very good luck at the mouth of Sabbies River at Valentines Pool. They were also hooking a few on the Renous each day. He also said fishing was slow on Tuesday as the water was high and dirty. He said they fished the North West and conditions seemed to be on the high side as they did not get into a fish.
Cathy Colford of Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters fly shop said things were slow and not many fish were being hooked. There were a couple anglers in that said they had some luck on the North West but not much news from the other rivers.
Flies of choice the past week were mostly the fall patterns like Ally Shrimps, GP’s, LT Specials #2, we also used some different Irish shrimps, the Peach Tree was very good, many Marabou Patterns were working like the Green Slime, the Leech, purple grape and Same thing Murray.
River temperatures are getting very cold as yesterday it was 8.8 degrees Celsius (48F) and averaged for the week around 13.6 (56F).
The weekend is looking very good as some nice weather is moving in so this may put the fish in a very good taking mood. Just maybe those big 25 pound plus hook-bills we are seeing will start taking our flies. The hot spot to be fishing this weekend would have to be our famous Fall River the Cains as I saw so many big fish there this week well into their twenties. This is also the time of year to be trying your sinking tip lines and trying to get down to the big males. Try the intermediate sink and keep going heavier until you find the correct depth for the pool your fishing.
You should be able to get them to take with enough trying of different techniques, casting angles and fly selection. Good luck and tight lines.