Monday, March 30, 2009

Ice Condtions on the Miramichi River

Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing River Conditions and Fly Fishing Reports by guide Rodney Colford on the Main South West Miramichi River in Eastern Canada for March 30th 2009.

With such good weather all weekend we woke up this morning on the Miramichi area with another winter storm! There must be close to a foot of snow down and still snowing in most areas.

For the ice out conditions its not looking so good but there is warmer weather in the forecast and rain by the end of the week. I have added some photos of the lower section of the main south west Miramichi by Quarryville.

These photos are taken last night before the storm and can give you a little look at what the ice conditions look like.

One photo was taken at the mouth of Barnaby River, another 2 at the bridge in Quarryville and 1 looking up from the bridge off route 8 on the Renous River.

Dieppe Fly Fishing Forum

A few thousand people turned out for a great Fly Fishing Show held by the Dieppe Fly Fishing Forum over the weekend. People showed up from all over the province of NB and PEI, NS, Quebec, NFL & Labrador even visitors from Germany were among the crowd. Some guest were Doug Underhill, Paul Mariner, Dennis Grant and many more. This show is getting very popular amongst all Canadians for its sixth year. Really shows that there are a lot of fly fishers out there and a lot that are looking to learn more about the sport. Have a look at the Fly Fishing Forum web site and see who else was at the show.

Atlantic Salmon Feder
ation Dinner
I attended the Atlantic Salmon Federation dinner over the weekend at the Fox Creek Golf Club in Dieppe. There were 175 tickets sold and several auctions to some great lodges on the Miramichi, Restigouche and the Cains River. Also other auctions on several prints and fishing gear. For more info please check the web site at Atlantic Salmon Federation

Tight Lines from the Miramichi and please enjoy the photos.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Start of the Season Ice Out.

Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing River Conditions and Fly Fishing Reports by guide Rodney Colford on the main south west Miramichi River in Eastern Canada.

The last week has been very cold in Miramichi, New Brunswick. The forecast for the next week looks very good for a warm spell reaching from +2 Celsius to +11 Celsius.

And unless we see these warm days ahead it does not look like the ice will be out be the 15th of April for the start of the season on the Miramichi.

There is also rain in the forecast for Sunday and Monday for the amount of 20 to 30 mm which would get things moving on the river.

Anglers getting ready,
Most fisherman and guides are preparing and painting there Miramichi River Boats and getting set up for the client or friend that they will be fishing with. A very exciting time of the year and a time when you know the winter is gone!

I have a few photos but not much change in the look of the ice from the Upper Blackville bridge up or down river. As you can see from the bridge we still have several feet of snow on the ground so we should have lots of water once the ice does start breaking up.

Other news for the weekend in case you forgot there is a Fly Show in Dieppe. The Dieppe Fly Tying Club is holding its sixth Fly Fishing Forum on March 28th and 29th, 2009 at the New Brunswick Community College in Dieppe.

Also there is The Moncton Boat Show which has several kinds of boats to view. The Boat Show is the largest boat show in New Brunswick. Exhibited boats range in size from 6' to over 30' and include runabouts, cruisers, sailing dinghies, pontoon boats, bass boats, inflatables, RIBS, canoes, kayaks, and personal water craft.
Special guest of Facts of Fishing and Canada's fishing funny-man Dave Mercer.
Show hours
Friday, Mar. 27, 2009 12Noon-9pm
Sat, 28th 10am- 9pm
Sun, 29th 10am- 5pm
Place, Moncton Coliseum.

Irish Bar
Anyone interested in Irish music and fine foods please check this place out at
I was lucky to drop by here on Saint Patrick's day and listen to the great music and have a say with the nice people that were there.
Live entertainment Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening so check it out wh
ile in the Miramichi area.

I will be back in a few days on the river ice conditions from the lower stretches of the South West Miramichi and the Cains River Conditions.
Also would like to remind anyone that has some photos of the ice out conditions for 2009 and want them posted please send them to me at
(I am no longer excepting emails from

Well lets hope the next report is looking more like this photo of the ice breaking up.

The Very Best,
Rodney Colford
Guide for Colford Atlantic Salmon Fishing Ltd.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Thaw on The Miramichi

Miramichi Fishing Reports from the SW Miramichi River in New Brunswick Canada.

Once again the season is upon us here on the river and anglers are waiting to see the ice out conditions.

When will the ice break up and clear the river? will it be out by the first day of the season. Or will it be like last year as we were looking everywhere for a open shore to wet a line! Lets hope the weather will mild up and we will get fishing on time.

It would be nice to have the ice go and clear the river up before opening day of the season and make it much safer for everyone and not be looking over your shoulder for ice jams.

I have a couple photos for you of the river ice by Up
per Blackville and some by Boistown. I will be adding more as the days go by.

1st photo looking up river off the Upper Blackville bridge.

2nd photo looking down river off the Upper Blackville bridge. Notice the shores are looking weak and in the next few warm days will be open.

3rd is looking down stream of the foot bridge in Priceville.

4th is looking up river from the bridge in Ludlow.

5th looking down river off the bridge.

And if you are a local here on the river and have photos of the ice conditions please pass them on and I will add it with your name if you like.

Local boat builder, guide and fisherman Norman Betts from Doaktown area has a new website for his boat building in the area.

They are manufacturing the traditional cedar rib and planked canoes. Which are very similar to the famous Chestnut Canoes.

The square stern canoes are getting very popular on the river along with several other models.
For more information on the canoes go to

Tight Lines for now,
Rodney Colford