Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our fall salmon run

The beautiful fall colors are coming into affect on the Miramichi River and so are our fall salmon run. The last few days we have saw several fish moving throughout the river system. River levels are about perfect for fishing and boating from pool to pool when required. And even with the few warm days the river temperatures stayed very good around 60 (F) and is almost perfect for Miramichi salmon fishing.
Some good size hook bills are being caught throughout the river. And many anglers are happy to see the fresh fish or at least have the fish moving again. The past couple weeks the fish seem to stop taking the fly and us fishermen call it lockjaw when this happens. Well this week they seemed to open there mouths or eyes and started taking some of the flies we threw at them. I was thinking it was my fly tying that was the problem for a moment; thank the fish Gods for getting them on the take again.
          In the Doaktown area we have saw many fish moving though out the river. The pools at The Ledges Inn are full of fish. You can look down or up the river as far as you can see in some places and see fish jumping, what a sight. Jay and Carol Fargher of Sarnia, Ontario had some great fishing. Carol landed a few grilse and a huge hook bill weighing 16lbs. Jay landed several fish too and one weighing close to 20lbs. Todd Youmans landed a nice 16 to 18lb hook bill. Dr Ed Baker landed a few grilse and a salmon this past week at the Ledges pools. I hooked 4 salmon in the Home Pool of the Ledges Inn and landed two of them for the first ever landed in the Home Pool, something great to remember. I fished with Dr Scott Bolie this week for an evening that had landed a salmon on Tuesday with head guide Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn. Total fish for Tuesday was 16 hooked and 12 landed at the lodge, pretty good after some hard fishing the past couple weeks. For photos of these fish check out our new Facebook page The Ledges Inn.
             In the Boistown area at Tuck-away Lodge Gary Tanner had a good week landing a 37 inch 20lb salmon, a 12lb and a 10lb using his new pattern the Celtic Beauty. 
             Cains River is still fishing well as my father Gary Colford is hooking and landing fish almost every day at Moore’s Pool near Shinnickburn. Richard Lac of Connecticut landed 2 grilse on Monday and Tuesday with a white tail green machine at Moore’s Pool. The River is getting very low on the Cains and we need a little rain to improve the fishing for the rest of the season and get some monster fish up there.
           Fishermen near the Quarryville Pool are still seeing lots of fish and hooking a few too. There are a few hookbills being seen one fisherman told me and still lots of grilse. Anglers are hooking a few on the Renous River the past few days. Country Haven Lodge had been hooking some almost everyday on the Renous, Cains and Dungarvan Rivers.
             Pool 66 is fishing very well as Zachery Colford landed 3 this week on dry flies. Damir Sehic landed a few also on wet and dry flies. The pool was getting to be a perfect level and some big fish were there.
            Weather the next week is looking good for fishing as some rain on the weekend should bring 15 to 20ml if we’re lucky enough to get it and bring the river up a little. The Cains River really needs a raise to get a few more fish up and have good water levels the remainder of the season.
             Well if you’re planning to get out on the water the last few weeks of the season now could be the time. Fish are in the river, levels are good, temperatures are good and the weather is great what else could you ask for. I could tell you what kind of flies we are catching the fish on which is a little help for you. Flies of choice is the Christmas tree wet fly the summer version, White Tail Green Machines, Shady Ladies, Tippet Shrimp, Copper Killer (old school fly), Purple Grape and dry flies were Black Bomber with white tails, Orange and black hackle, brown with brown and white ends and the Blue Bomber with white ends.
            Good luck out there fishing this weekend be safe and tight lines and don’t forget to send me your pictures for my blog at and a little note about the catch.