Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Perfect Conditions For Atlantic Salmon Runs

South West Miramichi River Report for June 24th 2009. It was a very cold day on the river with the levels very high on the lower stretches yesterday. Water was clear but with the heavy winds made it very difficult to cast, and boating was a bit tricky too. The water temperature was around 59 F for the Main River and should be perfect for catching salmon.

I fished today with Jeff Colwell and his two sons Ian and Curtis, we saw a few fish near Upper Blackville but had no luck in hooking any. We also saw several trout rising for flies on the surface, some seemed to be in the 10 to 12 inch range. We finished the day early around 5:00PM.

After we finished for the day I told my father about the fish we saw, my father Gary Colford and Joel Kitchen decided to take the 25 minute boat ride up to the pool we had fished all afternoon, and sure enough they hooked up with dad landing a 15 pound salmon and loosing another salmon breaking the leader. Dad said he had a few more hits and saw 6 or 7 more fish roll. He also said he had a nice trout on over a pound. Joel did not hook up but said he had a few hits and saw a few fish. Dad hooked his fish on a shady lady and a butterfly. There were several fisherman out on the water today on the lower stretches of the Miramichi but all I was talking too said it was slow and were holding up a big 0 as I was passing when I ask how they were doing.

Nor West Miramichi River
Monday I fished the North West Miramichi with my son Zachery, all day fishing we had not saw a single fish. Dale Steve's had rolled a few and said he saw several on Saturday and Sunday. Also on Monday there were two anglers up river from me that said they both hooked a salmon on a black ghost. The area I was fishing had several fisherman and all were waiting for the grilse runs to start. Anglers were fishing everything for flies but the kitchen sink! some were saying. But black ghost seemed to be the pattern of choice.

The weather over the next few days looks like cloudy periods with some rain and temperatures from 20C to 27C and a few days feeling like 34C.
The barometric pressure is rising at 101.27 kpa so maybe we will see some sun after all.

Fishing Packages
If your looking to get out fishing I still have spots available for the day fisherman and full catering packages. I also have spots open next week if your thinking of getting out for the early runs for the day fisherman. For more on pricing go to fishing prices.

Also the Miramichi Salmon Classic is not far away! July 12th to 15th and fly casting demonstrator Joan Wulff will be attending. Also her husband will be attending
Filmmaker Ted Rogowski who was on the river last summer to film a five-day canoe trip and will show the finished product at this year's Miramichi Salmon Classic in July. Too read more go to the Miramichi Leader.

The Atlantic Salmon Museum
There will be a photo shoot & press release here at the salmon museum on July 1st at 10:30 officially kicking off our Adopt-a-salmon program. Hon. Rick Brewer will be in attendance & I am hoping also Tilly Gordon. If you are able to attend, we would love to have you here. After all, you were part of the “brainstorming”. People are really enjoying this & like the idea of supporting our mission statement & stocking the river.
More info go to the Salmon Museum.

Miramichi Fishing Reports
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