Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anglers Starting To Hook Up on the Miramichi River.

Miramichi Fishing Reports for June 17th on the Main South West Miramichi River. Anglers over the last week have been seeing fish on the lower stretches and upper stretches of the river.

Fisherman were hooking fish on the lower stretches to name a few were Eddy Colford with a grilse and a salmon, A Wades member said Jason Curtis released a grilse, Brad Burns also had a salmon and grilse, Marshal Arbeau landed a salmon in Upper Blackville. So there are fish around if your looking to hook up just have patience. This time of year they will be moving through very fast.

I was seeing a lot of fish yesterday around the mouth of Cains area as I hooked a salmon on a number 4 white tail green machine using my double hand 15 foot Loop. I raised him 3 times and then he grabbed it and made two jumps before saying good bye to me! I rolled a few more and things went quite the rest of the evening. There was lots of Shad playing around in the upper pools but after hooking a salmon I had no interest in fishing shad!

Kenny Keenan was fishing for trout at the Mouth of Cains River and had still been catching a few the past few evenings. He had saw a few last night but had no takers when I was talking to him.

I was fishing the North West for a few days and also had some friends fishing there too. The water was good from the last rain and had dropped down to good levels. But the catching for all of us were a big fat Zero! We saw a few fish but very few on the stretches we were fishing. Other anglers were seeing a few but had not hooked up.

The water temperature was around 64F and the water level of the lower section of the river was high and needs to drop at least a foot. Very High tides for the next 12 days so there should be some good runs of fish making there way in. The tides starting tomorrow are 1.21 meters high and keeps on going up to 1.81 meters high over the next 12 days. The new moon is on the 22nd for those of you watching for that. This is the link for the tides if you would like to have a look.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford of the Main South West Miramichi & Tributaries.

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Don Babin said...

Happy fishing Rodney keep up the good work it is good to see a report of the Miramichi River .