Thursday, June 4, 2009

Silvers On The Miramichi

Salmon Fishing On The Miramichi over the last few days has been slow on the Main South West Miramichi. But as for the North West Miramichi there was a good run for a few days and still the odd fish being seen on different stretches of the river. We hooked a few on the 29th of May on wet flies. Joel Kitchen again struck first landing a beautiful Springer! silver as a chrome bumper on a car! He hooked the fish on a white tail green machine #8. Dick Lac and buddy Dave from New Hampshire was fishing with me and Dave hooked into his 1st ever Atlantic Salmon and held him just a bit to hard as it straightened the hook on the double #6 green machine. He then had 4 more good hits but none hooked like his first one. We hooked a few small trout Friday as well, they were in the 8 to 12 inch range. We were hoping to hook into some big sea trout but the chance never came for us this week.

There was also good reports from other sections of the river for Friday from Trout Brook Fly Shop. Anglers were dropping by the shop where it is always the best news to find out the reports of the river on the North West and telling there stories of the fish they saw or hooked.

Sydney owner of the fly shop said anglers were hooking trout and salmon on the river. Most other anglers I was talking too had saw some fish. Jim Steeves of Moncton hooked a salmon on Sunday on the North West Miramichi. He had some good trout fishing on the Bartholomew River the day before he told me.

From Monday until today things have been slow fishing for us except for the odd trout from 8 to 12 inches and one being 15 inches. I fished the Main South West Miramichi this morning and saw a fish moving through one of the pools but could not tell if it was a grilse or trout, it was moving through very fast in the clear water. We did hook a few small brookies around 10 inches in the Upper Blackville area of the river.

As for Shad? I have not saw any signs yet but they should be very close to arriving on the lower stretches of the SW Miramichi River. I will post and let you know as soon as I see them for those who are inquiring about them.

Cains River: We also fished the Cains River again but had no luck with getting any big sea trout. I was told there was over 200 trout hundred put through in Juniper at the counter on the Main SW Miramichi. Maybe there will more to come if were lucky, lets hope there is.

The Weather the next few days looks very good with highs from 15C to 25C. Calling for some showers on Sunday and late next week. Not the kind of weather the fisherman maybe looking for to get as the river are starting to get low in some sections.

Tides the next few days are starting to improve with tonight's high tide being at 10:13PM at 0.72 meters. Friday it is 10:37PM 0.76 meters. And then it gets better starting on Saturday with high tide of 1.35 meters at 10:00AM and 11:03PM of 0.81 meters. And for Sunday you are looking at tides of 1.25 meters high tide at 10:40AM and then again at 11:35PM of 0.88 meters.

Tight Lines back in a few days.
Rodney Colford

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