Thursday, September 5, 2013

Heavy Rains Hammer the Miramichi

When it rains it pours, and that is exactly what happened on the Miramichi river system this week. As the banks of the Miramichi River was finally starting to get to perfect levels for fishing pools and having fish hold up a bit.

When! Old Mother Nature had a much different look at things, as the river got hammered hard with heavy rains Monday and Tuesday morning. With so much rain in a short period of time the levels were rising very fast on the river Tuesday afternoon.

Grilse I released using the new Hardy Jet series 14 Spey Rod
Then late Tuesday night the SW Miramichi got hit with over another inch of rain in Clearwater and conditions were still rising Wednesday.

Visibility is good despite the high water conditions but the few fish that were jumping was not taking a thing.

Conditions were just getting good on the lower stretches of the river and almost to perfect levels before the rain.The upper stretches from Doaktown to Boistown were at great levels but with all the rain it will be a week or so before conditions improve again.Temperatures are perfect in the high 50's and low 60's which is awesome going into September.

Last weekend and up until Tuesday morning we were picking up a few salmon. Flies again was the Paul Caron stone fly, wt green machine, samething Murray's and bombers.

This is a picture of a boat I rescued this week in the Doaktown area. The owner was very happy.

Paul Caron Stone Fly
Stonefly Caron Signature / A. Jackson.
David Bishop says this is one of his favourite flies ever. Paul Caron, a good friend and awesome angler developed this fly. You NEED them in ALL SIZES. Period! Find out more by going to and see many great looking patterns that David has on hand.

At The Ledges Inn in Doaktown we were having half decent fishing. With all the rain our pools are a bit high to fish properly so back to boat fishing. It will take a few days to improve. This is a picture I took of guide Derek Munn and Richard Campbell of PEI just before the rise in water. We hooked 3 and landed two that night. The other salmon was landed by Allan Moore of PEI and all fish were landed on Hardy gear.

Guest at Bullocks Lodge

Dan Bullock of Bullocks Lodge had a good week of fishing in Boiestown. Fish were caught almost every day with great conditions and fish starting to show in bigger numbers. The fly of the week was definitely the Yellow Winged Butterfly, with the RBM Muddlers and Glitter Bear also being noteworthy. 3 1/8inches of rain in past 24 hours are going to make the next few days a challenge.

Wilson Sporting Camps said conditions were slow in their area. A few fish were around but seemed to be a lot of old fish. With all the rain it's looking good going into September for the fish.

Country Haven Lodge said before the raise in water on the lower stretch of the SW Miramichi river fish were just starting to hold in their pools. They landed fish last week and Monday on peach carter bugs. But with the rain monday and Tuesday night and rising water this morning, fish will probably be on the move again.

Larry Van-Pearson fishing at the Ledges Inn
The Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown, New Brunswick, will host its annual ‘Hall of Fame Award Banquet’ on Saturday, September 14th. For those attending the dinner, there will be an open house at the Atlantic Salmon Museum from 4 – 5 p.m. followed by a ‘meet and greet’ reception at 5 p.m. in the Doaktown Curling Club.
A buffet style dinner including beef, salmon and fiddleheads will be served at the Curling Club at 6 p.m. The price for this special event is $75, and a tax receipt for $40 will be issued. A limited number of tickets are available, and they go quickly.
During the banquet, there will be a live auction of 2014 donated fishing waters plus much more. Please call (506) 365-7787 to pay for your ticket or stop by the Museum, 263 Main Street in Doaktown.
Inductees for 2013 include: David Adams Richards, Vivian Harris-Astle and Dieppe Fly Tying Club.

A dry fly fishermen throwing a fly from the bench at Mill Brook.

Paraglidders having a blast on the river over the weekend as anglers fish below.

Ghislain Basque posted this for a friend, this may help him. (My folding Frabill net ($80.00) was stolen at the Cache pool today. We were parked on the shore below the pool and stood the net half way of the pool. While we were lunching on the tailgate someone came down the trail at the head of the pool and fished for a while where we could see him from the truck. The net was on shore around enough of a bend that we couldn't see him take it but when he left it was gone! It has my name and number on it; John Farnham 375-8655 )... also a video from you tube. Perhaps someone picked it up by mistake and is looking to return it.

Many fishermen are hoping the fall run of salmon will start with this high water we have. I'd say the Miramichi is about high enough, lets hope they make their way in soon.

Until next week keep your lines tight and reels screaming on the river.

Rodney Colford

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aaron said...

Hi Rod,
I always enjoy your posts.
I must say though that 'Paul Caron Stonefly' sure does look a lot like the Cosseboom hair-wing pattern my great grandfather, grandfather, father and myself have been fishing on the Mirimichi for well over 60 years. I realize the classic Cosseboom has a red head and a different shade green colored body but we've been tying them with a bright green body, silver tinsel, yellow hackle, grey squirrel wing and a black head for many many years. I'd say it's been the most successful fly we've fished as a family. My dad and I argue about this routinely (he likes green machines----I choose to fish mainly 'old time' fly patterns). It makes for good comedy and lively debate!