Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ideal August conditions on the Miramichi

Salmon fishing in August on the Miramichi is usually slow, hot and not many fish around. But this August season was far from a hot month for salmon fishing. Angling was great, with lots of water and perfect river temperatures for fly fishing. Now the catching was a little slow for many anglers, but there were lots of fish around, and some days a few fresh fish made their way into the system to get our hopes up for another day on the water.

Guide Wesley Curtis and guest releasing a fish at Mountain Channel Pool.

So with September on our doorsteps and cooler temperatures starting, our fall weather is not far off. With a few hook-bills in the river already many anglers are prepared for the fall run of salmon that make their way in to spawn. Anglers like myself, that have taken days off in the slow fishing times, have prepared lots of fall fly patterns to have ready for the colourful time of year on the Miramichi river. Flies like the famous copper killer, ally shrimps, General Practitioner and the green slime which everybody hates to admit they fish, but works well in the fall and cold water temps. This is just a few patterns of hundreds that will work throughout the fall on the rivers of New Brunswick.

Andrew Huxter of Fredericton landed a nice hook-bill at Big Hole Brook a few days ago which was a beautiful looking fish. He also said he saw lots of fish around but not taking as good as he wished.

Keith Wilson of Wilson's Sporting Camps said the river is at a perfect level and cool temperatures are just around the corner. Keith said it's a normal August with slow taking fish but a few reports of fresh fish coming in, which is always good to hear.Michelle-Marie Collin with her first Atlantic Salmon with her dad Serge and guide Henry.
 Michelle-Marie Collin 

The Ledges Inn are seeing a few fish around but said their not taking well. We have been landing a few, but numbers could be better. River levels for our pools are very good and temperatures were perfect. We have David Bishop in from Hardy the next few days and trying rods and reels and looking to make them heat up with some fine casting. I landed a nice grilse in our Home pool and one at the Ledge Pool this week.

 Our Mountain Channel Camp is also landing a few fish and seeing the odd runs moving through. And don't forget our special price $250.00 per person per day for Mountain Channel Lodge the rest of the season, give us a call today at 506 365 1820 to book your stay and fish the Miramichi.
Trudy Mcbrine-Cox releasing a nice grilse at Mountain Channel

Country Haven Fishing Lodge said fishing was good for August with a good number of fish hooked. Most fish they landed were on the Main SW and Cains River pools. They landed a few this week and had a few fresh salmon released. Flies of choice were green machines, ally shrimps and bombers.

Guides at Black Brook Salmon Club said they were seeing lots of fish. Many fish seemed to be heading up Cains River. They were having good luck in their Cains River Pools. River levels were still high and needs to drop at least a foot to improve conditions.

The Miramichi Salmon Club in the Doaktown area said angling was spotty but were picking up a few everyday. They managed to snag a few fresh ones this week and were hoping a fall run would soon be in the river.
Angler with a fish on at Miramichi Salmon Club

Conditions on the North West is improving to a much better level for fishing. Anglers are seeing a few fish around but we're looking for a fresh run of salmon to make their way in. The Little SW was a little high on Monday but should be very good for the weekend fishing.

So with ideal conditions for fly fishing on the Miramichi River and tributaries. And levels very good overall and temperatures perfect for salmon to come in to the system. We should start to hear good reports from the Miramichi Salmon Association and Atlantic Salmon Federation when salmon runs start. So check their web sites from time to time for updates.

And your local fly shops like Green Diamond Outfitters, new in the Miramichi city area. W.W.Doaks in Doaktown are always up to date on river conditions in their area, and have a great selection of gear on hand. And if your on your way from the US and heading to the Miramichi, The Fredericton Outfitters is a must fly shop to visit as their selection is overwhelming and a hard store to get out of when entered with a full wallet.

Flies of choice for the week is a mixture of patterns again like many dry flies are the blue bombers, brown with orange hackle bombers, christmas tree bomber which is brown with yellow and orange hackle and white tails and for wet flies Paul Caron stone fly was a big hit this week for the Ledges Inn, under takers, shady ladies for the Miramichi Salmon Club, the Bonnie Belle was the fly for Wilsons Sporting Camps, and bombers was the eye catcher on the Cains River for Country Haven Lodge.

All in all it's been a good August fishing month for the Miramichi River and extremely great month for the fish with the levels we have had. I sure hope my readers are as excited as I am heading into September with great levels everywhere.

Until next week may your lines be tight and your reels be screaming on the River.

Rodney Colford

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