Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miramichi finally getting some rain

The Miramichi got some rain a few days ago and with that we got a little raise in water. The Main South West came up about a foot, but due to warm weather and warm nights the temperatures still is remaining very high. The North West Miramichi also got a raise in water, but just the same conditions are very warm which is holding river temperatures very high. Temperatures are ranging from 68 to 72 in early mornings and by late evenings up in the high 70’s (F). Yesterday it did get up to over 80 (F) near the mouth of Cain’s River.

With thunder storms expected today and into the weekend for many parts of the Province. Let’s hope we get enough rain from them to change the conditions for the fishing to full days.

Many anglers are missing there fishing and many have a couple hour or more drive to fish when they do go fishing. So it’s makes it very hard for the away angler to get there time at the river under these conditions.

So with a time limit still on the fishing from 5am to 10am in the mornings some fisherman are starting to get very upset with the delay in fishing. Many understand and with the high temperatures there is really not much since of fishing after that point in the day anyway.
Many take the afternoons to explore our river by canoeing and tubing or Kayaking. There are several places to rent any of these activities on the river. A few such places are O’Donnell’s in Doaktown, McCormacks Tubing in Boistown, Curtis Fly Shop, Stewarts Tubing in Sillickers on the Little SW Miramichi.

There haven’t been any sign of new fish for a while into the river except for the odd straggler brave enough to explore the warm water. Miramichi Salmon Association also is saying that both trap nets are very quiet. They did tell me that fish were seen jumping in the bay, which is very good news to hear.

DFO has indicated that there will be no immediate change to the fishery restrictions on the Miramichi. The current morning only fishery and pool closures will remain in effect at least until the end of the week. You can check back with the Miramichi Salmon Association on Friday as they will post any changes as soon as they receive notification.

So with this report coming to an end for the week let’s think to a more positive note. The weather is changing with some rain, which is more than we had been receiving all summer pretty much. Starting the first of the week we may or be close to an opening of the river to normal fishing days. And for the next week and a half the weather is predicting rain and showers with cooler temperatures in the low 20’s and some nights going down to 5 degrees Celsius.

With this being said bring on the fish Miramichi. Tight lines and please keep up the rain dance as it is greatly needed for the fishing.

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