Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fresh fish arriving on the Miramichi

With only three weeks remaining here on the Miramichi, anglers still have hope a decent run will arrive in the river in time to hook up. And hope just might be here, as emails were sent out from the Miramichi Salmon Association about an increase in fish numbers this week.

Much better reports from the Miramichi Salmon Association for returns of salmon this week is giving fishermen hope. Nola Chiasson sent out back to back emails letting anglers know that an increase in numbers of fresh sea lice covered salmon were heading up river.

Monday numbers jumped from 0-3 fish to 7 salmon and 3 grilse. Tuesday they put another 8 salmon and 3 grilse at the Millerton counter on the Main South West Miramichi. Nola said it is estimated that 7% of the salmon heading up river go through the trap, which is around 140 fish each of the days.

The Cassilis trap on the North West Miramichi  was not as good as there was zero fish put through each of the days.

The rain we got over the weekend unfortunately only helped the lower stretch of the river and missed the upper parts of the river where we really needed it most. Most of the rain had fallen from the Doaktown area downward to Miramichi city.

Chris Edmunds of C E Guiding and Salmon Flies said most fish he was seeing on the North West had seemed to move with the last rise in water. He only saw a few fish on Wednesday night and normally the pools were having some action everyday.

Cains river was up about a foot or more and was very fish-able on Tuesday and Wednesday. I fished the Cains on Tuesday at Moores Pool but only got a trout about 16 inches and never saw a salmon. More rain was needed to keep the river level up.

Mountain Channel Lodge fished the lower stretch of the Cains and got a few salmon and saw more. Water conditions were very good but had dropped off very fast according to guide Wesley Curtis.

Wilsons Sporting Camps in McNamee said water was low but temperatures were good. They were hooking a few fish each day on a regular basics. They were even getting a few bright fish.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said the water was still low in the Doaktown area and rain would be greatly accepted. Fishing was still not bad for the low water conditions and many guest were hooking fish each day. Doc Boley starting hooking a few fish on a number 16 double Mighty Mite fly. And after he gave the secret fly out several others starting hooking fish on his secret pattern.

Country Haven Fishing Lodge are still landing a few fish regularly. Gary Colford landed a fresh grilse on Monday covered with sea lice. Gary said water levels were good both on the Miramichi and Cains.

Fredericton Outfitters still has three spots available for there Fly Casting Clinic at the Ledges Inn this Sunday in Doaktown. April Vokey of the TV show Fly Nation will be putting on the Casting Clinic. For more information and to sign up please give the shop a call at 506 450 4044.

The weather on the river looks very promising for fishing as more rain is expected for Monday. And with a run of salmon on the way and a little more rain and high tides we could have an amazing end to the season.

Flies of choice for the week were a mixture of patterns ranging from number 2 to 16 in size. Almost worked well in small sizes, green butt bear hair in small sizes, shrimp patterns were very good, undertakers, GP'S and I even had a few that I tied that didn't have names that I got a couple on. Dry flies were still working well too.

So while were patiently awaiting on the Miramichi for a fresh run of salmon as the season gets close to the end, could our prayers finely be answered on the Miramichi. Only time will tell in the next few days as more fishermen get out on the water.

Until next week lets have tight lines and screaming reels as you hook that fish of a lifetime.

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