Friday, September 4, 2009

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Reports for the lower stretches of the Main SW Miramichi. The fishing over the past week had been very good except for the last couple days. With the raise in water last week, it had the fishing taking but once the water dropped off they really seem to be in a case of lock jaw! We've tried everything in the fly box and have not hooked a fish for two days. We raised a few on blue bombers and
orange ones. The fish we caught in the last week were a mix of salmon and grilse but all except 1 or 2 seemed very fresh. Lets hope a fresh run will start for September soon. I have a few photos of the weeks fishing from pool 66 near the mouth of Cains River.

I have canoed as far as the Upper Blackville Bridge this week and saw very few fish holding in the pools I fish. Most times I see several as I pass through the pools from the boat and they are not to be seen or very few at least.
This is Christian Staffis of Manhatten, NY on the Renous River.

Most fish seem to be holding at the junctions like the Cains River and Bartholomew area's to name a couple places.

This is a great shot of Rick Colford near the Mouth of Cains River landing a salmon with Zachery Colford netting.

The fishing season ends on October 15th this year, some anglers were wondering.

This is a photo of a young angler Alex Colford and he had about 5 or 6 fish for the week.

The water temperature the past week had been in the low 60's and the water height had been normal for the lower section of the river. Today it got to be 70 F after a very warm day. We saw two fish landed all day near the mouth of Cains River.

This is Zach Colford with his 7th fish of the week.

Last minute cancellation! I have a prime week available at the last notice for four rods on the week off September 25th to October 1st. Please call if your interested for a prime time fishing on the Miramichi & Cains River Pools. This is a full catering package that includes lodging, 3 meals, guides, boats and private pools. Email for more information.

Sorry for the late reports I will try my best to have them out to you faster for the fall fishing.
Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford

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