Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anglers hooking fish this week on the Miramichi

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Report for the Lower Stretches of the Main South West Miramichi River.

Prime fishing season is now upon us and the cooler temperatures are starting with them. Now all we need is our fall runs of salmon too get us hooked on the fall fishing! But even though the fishing is slow on most parts of the river some fisherman are hooking or rolling fish. Most fish are very dark and little sign of the fall hook bills are being seen.

I fished the Pool 66 mostly all week, and while most of the other pools seem to be empty too fish or fish running through Pool 66 had hundreds of fish holding. And after many many flies being thrown the angler gets lucky and hooks into one!

Fish Catches
Anglers hooking fish this week were Ross Brophy with a couple grilse, Damir Sahic with a grilse, Zachery Colford with a grilse, Bobby Stulze lost a grilse, John Colford also lost a grilse, Danny Colford landed a 15 pound salmon, Gary Colford landed a salmon, Tom & Mark from the Edmunston area lost a salmon and rolled a few more, Louis Cormier and his buddy landed a couple salmon at Hogan's Bar, Emil Sahic lost a grilse, also fisherman from the Black Brook Club had a few grilse and a couple huge salmon one being a 2nd in the last two weeks hitting the 38 pound mark! and another being 25 pound. Both fish this week 25 and 38 were caught by two sisters at the club. So on this little stretch of the river this week the woman were the top anglers. This is a photo of Emil Sahic with a grilse on.

I was also up to Salmon Brook this week and saw several fish there but again no takers. The Brophy Pool on the Cains River was also holding fish and some anglers had rolled a few on dry flies. Moores Pool on the Cains had a few fish holding and we managed too roll one on a bomber.

This is a photo of the famous Pool 66 and anglers waiting there turn at many hundred of fish lying in the section of cool water that comes in from the Cains River and Black Brook. As you can see anglers laughing and telling fish stories to each other and some that just met for the first time. This is a great pool to try when the fishing is slow and many lies that are priceless!

This is a photo of a Osprey that flew into this dead tree and collapsed and hung upside down for at least 3 minutes before coming too and flying away.

Other River Reports

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Flies of Choice
Bombers of every color pretty much but the blue with white ends and brown hackle seem to be the best. Green machines number 4's were working good with a green or red but and some flash. Some fish were rolling too Ally Shrimp patterns. You should soon see the green slime start to work too. One fish was hooked on a yellow subermarine with white tail, very simular too the white tail green machine.

Weather & River Conditions
As you can see in this photo of anglers fishing in the morning fog the fall weather has approached us. The weather for the next week will be from 16 C to 22 C and lows of down to 7 C. There is some rain expected (10 ml) for the Friday the 11th. The river level from my experience is getting very low and even though the lower stretches requires low water it really needs a raise in the level to help the fish and the pools up stream. Tides for the next week please check the link to the right and you can find the predictions. The water temperatures are in the low 60's which is very good.

That's all for the weekend and hope too have better reports in the next few days on the river.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford
Colfords Guiding Service

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