Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bright Fish Hooked on Miramichi

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Report from the lower stretches of the South West Miramichi River.

Did I ever pick a morning to take of from fishing! Myself, Joel Kitchen and Dale Geldert was planning on taking a trip to the North West Miramichi. Something came up and I could not make the day trip, and oh yes this is what he caught! about a 12 to 15 pound salmon. He was using a number 6 white tale green machine single hook. He hooked the fish right next to Dale's Leg! Dale said he was quite surprised when the fish took off from beside him! Joel said the fish gave a great fight and felt like it was about 25 lb's and also jumped several times before Dale tailed the fish. Joel said that was the only fish they saw today.

This is Joel with one of many nice trout they hooked during the day.

The weather over the weekend looks like rain 10 to 20ml and then clearing on Sunday and very sunny the beginning of the week. Highs from 13C to 22C for the next seven days.

There was also reports of a few other bright silver fish being hooked on the NW Miramichi this week. They seem to be on schedule to other years anglers are saying. I expect to here of one being hooked on the Main SW Miramichi River very soon. Lets hope its tomorrow!

There was also a very good hatch of May Flies on tonight but there only seem to be small trout surfaces to them.

All for today.
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