Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prayers being answered for Rain on the Miramichi

The hot topic on the Miramichi river is high water. Anglers were praying for rain all of July, and were their prayers ever answered for August. River levels are very high and leaving many pools barely fish-able for the most part. 

Temperatures are hovering around the 60 to 65 (F) and the clairity is tea like, which is always good color for fishing. 

Evelock Gilks of the Miramichi Salmon Club in Doaktown area said the water was very high and fishing was slow. They only landed 12 salmon with 12 anglers the past week. 

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said Miramichi River levels were very good for the month of August. Fishing was very good at the beginning of the week but slowed down the ladder part of the week. Hardy Rep David Bishop fished at the Ledges this week and had very good success using the two handed Hardy Spey Rods. 

Mountain Channel Lodge on the lower stretch of the river had good fishing the past week on both sides of the river. Water was high for the most part but we managed to pick up 3 or 4 salmon per day. We still have lots of openings available at very low special prices. Were only a few minutes from the tide water and fresh fish are always close by, so give a call or email for more information.

Keith Wilson of Wilson Sporting Camps said river levels were 6 inches above normal and was perfect for their section of the river, and they are hooking fish. Keith said don't forget the great deals on for August.

In the Boistown area of the river Dan Bullock of Bullocks Lodge said they hooked 6 salmon last week on the Morrison bug. Water was perfect, but raised another another foot to 18 inches since the weekend. Also raised a few fish on dry flies. We saw a few salmon jump yesterday but river needs to drop a foot to improve.

Byron Coughlan of Country Haven Lodge had some luck this week on a few rivers. Cains River and the SW Miramichi was the place to be for some of his clients as they landed a salmon most days this week. Salmon were up as far as Moores Pool on the Cains River in the Shinnickburn area of the river. Flies of choice were the Francine pattern that looked like a green machine and Red Francis. We only had one salmon with sea lice.

Paul Gillespie of Doaktown had very good luck fishing this week. Paul had some friends fishing with him and hooked well over 20 fish on dry and wet fly patterns. 

I landed a few salmon this week at The Ledges, and a couple had sea lice. Laurent St. Pierre of Montreal landed a 16lber on a glitter bear. I also landed a few on the Jon Olan pattern. Most pools are very high on the river and needs to drop in river levels to improve conditions.

Flies of choice for the past week have been a mix batch of patterns from small to big patterns, and a mix of sizes from number 8 to 1's. The pacasse yellow and orange, Green Spey, Green Machines, Glitter bears, Ally shrimps, GP'S and many bugs and a few bombers. 

Well with lots of water in the system and cool nights started. We should be set up good, going into the back part of the season. And looking like more rain in the forecast the next few days.

 So having your prayers answered for rain the past week its time to get up of your knees and go fishing, because we have enough water at the moment on the Miramichi River and tributaries. But if you decide to ask for bigger runs of fish, please do.

Until next week may your reels be screaming on the river.

Rodney Colford

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