Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fishing weather improving on the Miramichi

After a great weekend on the Miramichi, Salmon fishing was slow on the river Monday and Tuesday as hot weather drove river temps up into the 70's and fish were not taking very well.
Wednesday was much better as river conditions were back in the 60's (f).
This should keep fish coming into the system like they have been doing.
Salmon have already started to hold up in colder water pools at the mouth of brooks and streams.
A few anglers have been hooking up in the mornings, but the evening fishing was very slow the last few days.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said fishing was very good the past week. They landed over 20 salmon. Conditions were good until the warm days heated the river up.

Keith Wilson of Wilson’s Sporting Camps said the weather warmed up a bit but conditions are still ideal for migrating salmon . We are seeing plenty of salmon on the move and plenty of smiles from anglers up and down the system .
Byron Coughlan of Country Haven Lodge said fishing was good the past week. A couple days were slow as the river warmed up. We are seeing lots of fish moving up stream maybe most we have ever saw for the month of June, even with the warm weather.
Miramichi City Surplus said anglers were seeing a good run of fish on the Sevogle River. Fly of choice was a silver grey.
The NW Miramichi is getting very low. Michael Mackinnon said fishing was great the past week but the catching was a little slow. Two rods only landed 5 fish, and saw very few fish moving.
Fly of choice for most of the river is the white tail green machine number 8 & 6's, Conrad's, and a few bombers of different colours.
The next week is looking good for fishing as the weather is calling for a mix of rain and cloudy weather, fishermen's weather. This should get the North West back to much better conditions.
As for the South West Miramichi, just cooler temperatures would be awesome to improve the fishing.
Until next time have tight lines on the river. Rodney Colford

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