Friday, May 31, 2013

Silvers in the net on the lower Miramichi

Even with high water fish were hitting the fly hard yesterday on the SW Miramichi.

I fished yesterday with my kids Zachery and Laura and we got into some beauty's!
Laura raised one twice on a bomber (dry-fly). Then it was quite for around 20 minutes before I raised a salmon 6 times. It may have been a few fish because the fish grabbed the fly a couple times before I changed to a black ghost pattern with arctic fox wing and hooked up. I landed a salmon about 18 to 20lbs.

My next pass through the pool on my very first cast I hooked into another beauty! 12 lbs of toughness though as she gave me a very good fight before Zach netted my 2nd salmon of the evening.

The river is very clear on the SW Miramichi but still very high. We never even had to wade in last evening. The salmon were very close to shore and is not unusual with this height of water to see them in close.

Anglers are still landing many stripe bass on the NW Miramichi. Marc Madore landed several on flies yesterday.

I threw in a photo of a beaver that was very friendly while the kids and I were fishing. He decided to swim very close to us.

Just a quick post to fill you in on some fresh fish!

Tight lines.
Rodney Colford

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