Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Low water conditions for opening day

This is off the Upper Blackville Bridge

Cains River at Moores Pool
 Well the wait will be over this Sunday on the Miramichi for the 2012 salmon season opening day. And it can’t come soon enough for many anglers as the river ice let go over 3 weeks ago and many anglers are eager to hook up.
The lower end of the School House Pool

Down River from Quarryville

Up river from Quarryville Bridge

Many fly fishermen are wondering, will the fish still be in the river for the Spring Salmon fishing. I can tell you there are lots of fish in the river as they have been jumping for over a couple weeks now. River conditions are very low and very clear and could make this a very good spring season. I have saw fishing very good in low water in early May so why not with low water on April 15th. It will also give many anglers a chance to see the fish lying still on the bottom and even better see the fish going for your fly before he strikes it. 

Many places all you will need is your floating line. Some places where the water is deep your sinking lines will work but most places floating lines and a short sink tip should be fine. 

Flies of choice are Renous Special, Red Eagle, Golden Eagle, Blue Smelt and Christmas Tree. I would think smaller flies would be worth a try size 2 to 1/0. This should be a great spring for the fly caster casting to their catch.

Up river near Boistown and Doaktown fishing conditions are very similar with low water. The river came up 8 to 10 inches from the rains and snow we got. Hopefully the warm weather expected this week will melt some snow in the woods and raise the river more.

 Derek Munn at the Ledges Inn said the fishing should be very good opening day. He also thought most fish will stay in the river until it starts warming up more before their return.

All the tributaries are very low as well but all are reporting seeing fish throughout. Anglers must remember to pinch the barbs on their hooks and single hooks only until May15th.

A June Salmon 2011
I am looking forward to hearing about all your hook ups this weekend so tight lines until next week.

Rodney C

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John Conley said...


Great video on trying the Green Bomber. You make handling the deer hair look so easy. I am looking forward to seeing your reports on the Spring fishing.

John C