Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fish still seem to have lock jaw

Salmon fishing on the Miramichi the past week is still a little slow. Fish still seem to have lock jaw most days but there are the few that take the fly. The weather is staying very good and river levels are starting to get down to better fishing conditions. The water temperatures are staying in the low 60’s (F) and even down in the 50’s (F). You would think with the conditions we have that we would be landing lots of fish, but I have saw this before and if you know salmon fishing they will only take when the salmon decides to take the fly.

At the Ledges Inn this week we had many fish in most of our pools but yet again the fish were very selective to what they wanted. We had one evening where my client hooked a fish on a LT Special and across the river another client with Derek Munn hooked one on a purple marabou and another on a tippet shrimp. Andrew Anthony and clients were using very opposite patterns and more summer like flies, like the undertaker and a Conrad pattern I tied with jungle-cock eyes. Andrew had one salmon almost 20 pounds this week. We are also hooking and rolling some on bombers.

Mountain Channel in the Blackville area is seeing a few fresh fish but water is still very high for the most part. They have been fishing the Cains River and the far side of the river.

Country Haven Lodge is also hooking a few fish both on the Miramichi and the Cains River. Country Haven was landing fish almost every day in the Shinnick Burn area at Moore’s Pool. Alley Shrimps seems to be working best Kenny Vickers said. Gary Colford fished a couple days also this week and clients landed a salmon and grilse. Gary said he saw a lot of hook bills jumping all over the river the last couple days and said the fall season is here.

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