Friday, August 19, 2011

Salmon fishing conditions for the middle of August are almost perfect

Salmon fishing conditions for the middle of August are almost perfect. After all the rain we received the water is up again and temperatures are in the low 60’s degree (F). Who would ever imagine conditions like this on the Miramichi for the middle of August. This should push us through with good water into September. There are lots of fish in the system and still a few fresh fish being put through the counters daily.
Many local anglers in the Blackville area are still hooking or rolling fish. Anglers up near the mouth of the Cains River are still hooking fish. Don Roy and his business associates were enjoying their day fishing the mouth of the Cains. They saw one fisherman hook 9 and land 4 Tuesday morning. They then fished with us at the Ledges Inn and had some luck. Lloyd Lyons clients landed a grilse and lost another on small dry flies. Derek Munn and clients Morley Mooers and Peter Kane were hooking a few. Morley hooked 4 and landed 1 on Tuesday evening and all on small wet flies.
I fished with Steven Moody at Wades Fishing Lodge Friday evening and landed a grilse on a small bomber. Steven rolled several on dry as well. He also said fishing was great there all summer.
Zachery Colford landed 5 this week and rolled several more on bombers all on the lower stretch of the Miramichi.
Anglers on the lower stretches of the Cains are still hooking fish and seeing fish in most pools. Moores Pool on the Cains had lots of fish showing last weekend and early this week.
Keith Wilson of Wilsons Sporting Camps said Conditions could not be better. The water height is perfect, temps are cool and there are plenty of fish in the holding pools. They had a couple of salmon this week that were very bright so it looks like there is still the odd fresh one coming in. Good reports from the Dungarvon and the lower Cains as well. With the high water on the Cains it looks like a lot of fish have moved into the lower 15 km’s or so. Fly of choice this week at Wilson’s was the brown bomber with white tail.
Country Haven Lodge is still picking up a few fish both on the Cains and Miramichi. They said fisherman on their day adventures were doing well.
Flies of choice for most of the area are still Bombers for the dries and undertakers, green butts, shady ladies and all sorts of green machines.
Tip of the week: When using smaller flies use smaller tippet to make your fly move more realistic. And change your angle of your cast from time to time.
The weather for the next week looks bad for sunbathers but very good for the fishermen. Showers for the weekend and heavy rain for the start of the week should be good for the fish. Please post your reports on my blog if you like or email them to me and I will add them in my column for you anytime. My email is on my blog at
Have a great weekend and until next week tight lines.

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