Friday, July 22, 2011

Morning fishing has started to take play

Fly fishing conditions on the Miramichi the past week is slowing down and early morning fishing has started to take play most days we fish. There are lots of fish up and down the river and mostly every pool has fish holding.
The upper stretches of the SW Miramichi has been fishing very well except for the few warm days Monday and Tuesday. River levels are good but a good rain would not hurt one bit.
The lower stretches of the SW Miramichi is at a perfect height. Mountain Channel is fishing very well, as it is a low water pool on this section of the river. They are seeing big numbers of fish through-out the pool.
Country Haven Lodge said fishing is fair and all their pools have fish. They also have been fishing the Cains River where their seeing a good number of fish and landing a good number too. Guide Gary Colford said fishing was good at Moores Pool and Sabbies.
The Hershey Club just below the mouth of Cains River is also fishing very well.
Local fisherman near the mouth of Cains River had great fishing up until the warm weather hit and said early mornings were the best as fish were holding in the brooks the rest of the day.
In the Doaktown area many local fisherman are fishing and reports are very good the past week. The Mill pool was fishing very well and so was the Museum pool.
The Miramichi Salmon Club said on Tuesday some fish moved in one of their pools over night and they hooked 13 in the morning.
The Ledges Inn was fishing very well the past week and mostly every fisherman were hooking fish up until Monday and Tuesday as the heat was a factor. Veteran Guide Lloyd Lyons showed us younger guides up as he had fish both warm days. Brian Forbes of Riverview fished with us last week and returned hoping to hook up again but the warm weather made conditions very tough for us. Angler Luc Gaudet of Moncton hooked a grilse and hooked himself to dry fly fishing on the weekend as I took him to Big Hole Brook. Big Hole Brook had several hundred fish holding near and on the other side of the river from the brook. Dene and Cicile Losiera fished Floe’s Pool where Dene limit out on a couple days and Cecil hooked her share as well. Flies of choice were shady lady and green machines.
Wilson Sporting Camps said fishing was good and water height was perfect. They were hooking their fish on small number 8’s and 10’s.
Don’t forget to check your local fly shops on the River for reports of the river and for a great selection of gear for salmon fishing.
If you’re out on these hot days fishing try and hold your fish closely to the water before taking your photo as they need their oxygen after a great fight, you could also pinch your barbs and have the hook come out easy.
Flies of choice are undertakers with jungle-cock eyes and bombers. Sizes depend on the pool but for the most case in this warm weather size 8 to 12 works well.
The weather over the next week looks very good with rain so this could help the river stay cool and keep the fish running. So if you’re looking to catch an Atlantic Salmon this could be the time.
Until next week may your lines be tight and your reels be screeching on the Miramichi.

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