Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Ledges Inn is Hot!! Burning Hot with catching Atlantic Salmon! Salmon fishing today and last night was just amazing as the river is full of grilse and salmon. Every pool had huge runs of fish and it did not stop again this morning and tonight. My clients Paul Millbury and his son and I hooked 4 and landed 3 at Floe's last night. And this morning they landed 7 fish out of 9 at the Ledge Pool just above the Lodge. Fly of choice was a number 8 double green machine white & black tail with green crystal flash rapped through with the hackle, a fly I just threw together for a laugh.
Tonight we had some new guest that had never fished salmon before and guide Andrew Anthony and myself were not long getting them into a couple fish. We saw several fish at Kelly's Run and Floe's Pool. Fly of choice tonight was a blue charm number 8 single hook.
Head guide Derek Munn and his clients limit out last night around 7 pm.  And also at Mountain Channel Guide Wes Curtis and guides hooked 18 fish with clients this morning, I did not get there count for the evening.
Water temperature was in the 60's today but did get to 72 degree's (F) last evening.
The height of the river on the Main SW is perfect for catching! so get out on the river and hook up!
Hope you like this quick report for you guys that can't make it out on the water! Were thinking of you, when we hear the sound of that Hardy Reel or that Shark Skin line zooming out into the backing after about a half a dozen leaps into the air!! So if it's possible to get out on the water giver a try on one of your secret pools.


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