Monday, May 30, 2011

Miramichi Salmon and Trout on the Run

Miramichi fishing reports from the SW Miramichi river for May 30th. Salmon are on the run for the last few days and so are the sea trout. I fished the last couple days and saw a dozen or so salmon and hundreds of trout. The trout are very finicky and are reluctant to take. I tried several trout patterns and did not have very much luck in hooking the big trout. I did get a few from 10 to 16 inches today and yesterday but the ones I saw roll were 3 to 6 pounds and some were rolling right next to my boat!

As the word had got out about fish being in the river so did some anglers. Yesterday Chris Munn of Fredericton Outfitters and a few buddies landed some whoppers from
15 to 25 pounds.
This is Robert Glenright with a 25 pound plus beauty caught yesterday with Chris Munn of Fredericton Outfitters.

This is Rob Foster with a nice female salmon.

The North West is fishing very well too as anglers are seeing lots of silver salmon in the river. Chris Edmonds hooked a few and landed a few!
Water is still high on the NW but the fish are there!

This is Chris Edmonds with one of his fish he released alone. Notice the fish is still in the water just to get a photo of this beautiful salmon. Hard to get a nice photo alone so he did the best he could.

The Main SW is still very high on the lower stretches but I would think the upper stretches would be ideal! Water temperature the last couple days was in the mid 50's F. Back in a day or two with hopefully a picture of "my" salmon!!

Also here is a great blog that that Gary Tanner writes. Its very good so please take the time to read and look at the beautiful pictures.

Until next week keep your lines tight and your reels screeching on the Miramichi.
Tight Lines,

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