Sunday, September 5, 2010

After affects from Earl on the Miramichi River

Colford's Atlantic salmon river report from the Main South West Miramichi. With heavy rains hitting us from Earl we have yet to see that much of a raise in the river. The lower stretch of the SW Miramichi only got about a 6 to 8 inch raise so far. I talked to Syd at Trout Brook Fly Shop and he said the NW Miramichi only raised about 4 inches. Syd said there is not many anglers fishing but the few that are have saw fish around. The same goes for here on the Main SW river there are fish moving around the pools now from where they were before holding in cold water spots through out the pools.

This is a photo looking up towards the mouth of Cains river.

Today is very windy for casting and a lot of slim floating and making it hard to fish wet flies both casting and your drift/swing of the fly. The temperatures were very good this morning in the mid 60's F. I landed a grilse on a brown bomber, while James Vickers from Moncton landed a grilse on a green machine. Merle Colford lost a grilse and landed one on brown bomber also. There were a few other fisherman that hooked a few fish too around 10:00 am on dries.

I hope this fills you in a bit for the river conditions, I will post more later today or tomorrow if there are any changes.

Update from tonight: The river raised another 6 inches from this morning and looks like it is still raising this evening. The fishing was great as I landed 2 grilse from 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm. I witnessed a 40 incher being landed after telling the guy what he should use for a fly. I told him my flies work for this pool so put that one on! then he hooked his fish. Lucky call by me lol! All in all the river is up at-least a foot or better. I will update you again tomorrow.

Tight lines,
Rodney Colford

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