Sunday, June 13, 2010

Salmon Rolling Like In A Dream

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Reports for the middle of June. Fish are in the rivers! Oh yes, Fresh Atlantic Salmon!

I started out fishing the week on the SW Miramichi with a good friend of mine Damir Sehic of Fredericton. We fished a while and saw a salmon jump near the mouth of Cains River. That was the only one we saw there as we decided to motor upstream to Blissfield area and fish our way back in public & private water pools.

On our way we stopped and talked to guide Kenny Vickers. They saw 3 fish at the Brophy Pool and also a few fish this morning and things were looking better.

As we headed upstream we saw a few geese around and some ducks and ducklings, and pair of Eagles soaring over head in search of dinner. We then talked to a couple anglers from Salor Haven Salmon club and they saw a couple fish but had none hooked at that point. Also meeting up with Bob Burgen and his son, and they had not saw a fish all morning.
As the day went on we fished several pools and nothing was showing. I saw several shad scouting from under the boat as we passed down stream and hoping they were salmon!

After fishing several pools on our way back we tried pool 66 and saw 3 salmon jump again. Daryl Wylie and his buddy was also fishing there. We all fished for a couple hours and things happened like you would only dream off! The pool was on fire with fish! The run was here! beautiful salmon jumping and rolling everywhere.
And then Daryl from Harcourt hooked into a beautiful salmon on a dry fly, his first on a dry fly. We joked telling him that it was a shad and not a salmon! ha ha! we knew and he knew because when it jumped and took line of the reel that it was no shad! It was as chrome as a bumper on a 57 Chevy! Must of been 20lbs we figured, man a nice salmon as he released it on his way.

Also over the past week we have saw lots of rain hit us! The Main SW Miramichi River was dirty and very high to fish on the lower stretch. But the upper stretches were taking advantage of the higher levels and Guide Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn netted a nice salmon for his client and saw a few other fish.
Down river near the Mouth of Renous at the Quarryville Pool anglers were saying there was some fish around and 5 or 6 were caught.
Up the Renous anglers were seeing some fish and the odd one being hooked. Rod Hallihan hooked a salmon and had it on for a few minutes before he came loose or quick release we say! Ranger Kenny Louis saw some fish at the mouth of Renous. He also saw several Stripe Bass being hooked in the 4 to 6 pound range.
Daryl Wylie and his salmon in this photo.

Zlacko and Bruno of Toronto fishing the high water on the SW Miramichi last week. They enjoyed some lobster and steak after the long day fishing in the high water.

Ian Fortune was fishing the Bartholomew River and was still catching trout in the 1/2 pound to 4 pound range using bombers in the fast water as he striped the fly through the current.

On the North West Miramichi last week we had great water conditions before the rain hit and Yes! we saw a few fish and also with a fish being caught here and there. Some fisherman were catching a few trout in the 10 to 12 inch range and said that the big run of sea trout had gone through. Dale Steeves had a salmon on for a few seconds and he was gone. Dale also hooked another salmon and again lost it on Saturday! Dale said he saw a few fish rolling and some moving through the pool. He said there were lots of fisherman about and one other guy had landed a salmon. Dale Gildert landed a few trout in the 12 to 14 inch range.
Chris Edmond's tried the Quarryville Pool the other night and saw one pushing 25lbs he said. He said he missed 2 fish at the Wayerton Bridge Pool on the North West with a Colburn Special on Monday and he also saw one at the Allison Pool on Tuesday, and he then said the wind picked up so bad he could not fish anymore. he said there are a few fish around but nothing major, he figured another week or two.

Jim Steeves fished the Sevogle and said the water was low. He had rolled a few in front of his camp on the Main SW but no hook up. He was using Black Ghost, Undertaker, and Green Machine.

Norma & Brock of Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters of the SW Miramichi said there seem to be a lot of fish around but not taking very good. Lanny Burke of the Rapids landed a grilse with a Sugarman Shrimp and saw a lot of grilse jumping. Lester Vickers of Cains River landed a grilse at the mouth of Cains on a Green Machine. Also saying the water is a very good height and very good for canoeing. Norma said there does not seem to be much rain in the forecast.
Flies of choice were bombers, white tail green machines, undertakers and Sugarman Shrimp.

This report is now in the Times & Transcript news paper every Thursday.

So with a pretty good week all in all and fish in the system this is Guide Rodney Colford with your fishing reports for the Miramichi River & Tributaries.

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