Sunday, August 2, 2009

Miramichi Fishing Reports for August

Miramichi Fishing Reports for Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing August 2009. The past week has been very hard fishing for most fisherman again with high water conditions. Rain and more rain has been the topic for the past couple weeks on the Miramichi river in New Brunswick, Canada. The lower stretches has been very slow fishing and also the wading was very difficult for most pools. The past week boat fishing was the only way you could throw a line.

Yesterday anglers near the mouth of Cains River was starting to pick up a few fish. Ian Fortune of Blackville landed a salmon on a brown bomber with white ends last evening. This morning I was fishing with Doug Underhill & Jacques Heroux and we stopped at a public pool. We were not even out of the boat when we saw our first salmon jump in the middle of the pool. As Doug fished his way down the run he rolled a fish on a Sid's Green Machine. We saw a couple more jump and Doug said its your turn Rod. I made a few cast and rolled a salmon. I then made my way down a little further and rolled another while using Doug's fishing rod. I then casted a few more times and a fish struck the fly. We fished a few more pools and saw several fish but none hooked up. Jacques rolled one at the half bar pool below Wades. There was a few fished landed also at pool 66 in Howard near the mouth of Cains River.

The fishing for the rest of the week and into the weekend should start picking up with the drop in water over the next few days. The weather is looking good and not much rain in the forecast too help. The temperatures are in the low 20's for all week except for tomorrow being 29C. The water temperature was 67F this morning and yesterday it got up too 76F. The high tide is 1.46 meters and a full moon tomorrow night should bring some new fish into the system.

Flies of choice the past few days were brown bombers, green machines and a Renous Special on the lower section of the river. I also have been seeing fish all over the place on the river, so you may just hook that fish two feet from the bank or someplace where you would not normally even think to try! So give them places a try in this high water and just maybe hook into one.

Sorry for the late Reports I will be back in a couple days with with your reports for the banks of the Lower Stretches of the Miramichi River. Check Doug Underhill's Report on Thursday for a full report on his fishing as he is on the water all this week on the Miramichi. For more information and pictures of fishing please check out my web site at ColfordsGuiding.

Tight Lines,
Colford's Miramichi Fishing Reports

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