Friday, May 1, 2009

Fishing very good on the Miramichi River

Miramichi Fishing Reports and Conditions for the lower stretches of the SW Miramichi River.

Although there is heavy rain hitting the Miramichi River area we are at the moment having awesome fishing from the Lower stretches to the Middle stretches of the river. Its been raining very hard for the best part of the day and more expected tomorrow. This should bring water levels up again. If it does not exceed to high the fishing may stay good for the weekend.

Fishing over the last couple days were very good from the Upper Blackville Bridge to Quarryville. Doaktown anglers were also hooking fish in the Bogan's where some clearer water was available. It was clearly visible that the fish were on the take! when you see nets out on almost every boat as heading back to camp for lunch! It gets you very excited. Cains River is still fishing very well on the lower stretches up as far as Sabbies River.

Our group was using Golden Eagles and Smelts with no flash the last few days. Most were being hooked on a cast and a very long line way out into the backing. Trolling was also working with a line just at your backing and were taking very close to the bushes along the shore lines.

The water temperature is 38 F Very Cold! With temperatures from 10 C to 18 C over the next 7 days on the Miramichi. The barometric pressure is still falling at 100.24 kPa. For water levels go to

Trout Season
Trout Season is under way today. If your out on the brooks and small streams, Please be cautious of the high water and try to have a fishing buddy with you if you can. Let us know about your catch and I will post it for you. Good Luck!

News From the Atlantic Salmon Federation

In a last minute decision, Maine cancelled the Atlantic salmon season scheduled to begin May 1. The move to call off the season may be related to a pending decision of the federal government whether to list the Penobscot, Kennebec and Androscoggin Atlantic salmon runs as threatened or endangered: read more

River Maps
I have had readers asking for information on the rivers, such as how to get to pools and what rivers to fish. I am adding some links for you for some Maps of the rivers and hope this will help you find that section of the river and hook up with a fish of your dreams. If I can help or you need my guiding service please email me at anytime.
Salmon Map Room
South West Miramichi Angling and River Guide maps are available at the Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown. They are a great book to have in your truck or boat, I had mine laminated and its always handy when I need it while canoeing and fishing the river. For more info please contact the Atlantic Salmon Museum or Curtis Fly Shop and WWDoaks for the map books. All proceeds go to the Museum.

More links to fishing reports:
Fly Fishing Conditions
Reel Reports
W.W. Doak

I still have some openings for Spring & Summer Salmon Fishing and Trout Season so call or email soon. Contact Info.

I also have tickets for Larry's Gulch Trip Restigouche River, NB at $50.00 each and only 100 tickets sold. Dates are for June 8th - 10th , 1 rod for 2 people. Draw date is May 25th, 2009 NBOA 2009 Fundraising Raffle.

Tight Lines
Guide Rodney Colford
Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing

A photo from trout season last year 2008 on the Cains.

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