Saturday, April 4, 2009

River Ice Conditions

April 04th 2009.

Ice Out Conditions for the Main SW Miramichi River. For the last few days we have seen the ice getting worse with the mild weather were having. Fog and Rain have been taking most of the snow and the river is rising with the run offs of the melting. Looks like there may be a early ice out after all. I was chatting with a couple older fellows today under the bridge in Doaktown and I asked when the ice would be out, they said it will be out next week! And they also said there should be great fishing! With the water raising and the ice very thin I would say there going to be right on the money for predicting the ice out.

This photo is looking up from the Blackville bridge where you can see Doctors Island and you can see that the shores are very poor.
This photo is looking up from the Upper Blackville bridge with the shores bad as well.
This photo taken down by the old rail way bridge now the walking bridge in Doaktown.
And this picture was took looking up river from the walking bridge, and showing that the water level has risen which with a little more of a rise it should start breaking up.
The Saint John River is open in the city of Fredericton and the Nashwaak is breaking up today with jams on several different places.

The first picture below is a long the Nashwaak River off route 8 highway.

The second picture is the Saint John River in the city of Fredericton. Also chances of flooding in that area and more down river.

Back in a few days with a few more photos for you of the ice out conditions. I will be sending out the newsletter once a week for those that has signed up for it. Also there will be posting in between newsletters so please keep checking the site.

Tight lines,
Rodney Colford of Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing

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