Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ice jams on the Miramichi River

Over the past week we saw a massive change in the river conditions with ice out. For those who thought the there would be a late spring season think again.

With a week before opening day it looks like the season should be right on schedule for a great start with lots of water and it should be cleared up by then, which will make it awesome for the fishing.

The ice is jamming up on the Miramichi River today with jams in several places along the river.

Cains River has let go and pushed the main part of the Miramichi down for about a mile from the mouth. This photo was taken yesterday at the School House pool.
This photo was taken yesterday as well on the Cains River at Moores Pool and you can see the water is very close to the road.

Bartholomew has let go as well and has pushed that section down river. This is a photo of a small jam by the old train bridge with the water almost up to it.
This photo is looking at the old train bridge now the walking trail through the park. And you can see the jam on the Bartholomew river.

Taxes River in Boistown let go yesterday as well and should start and get that section of the Miramichi River moving.

This photo is looking up at Doctors Island today on the Lower Section of Miramichi.
This photo taken from the Howard Road this morning at the Moorhouse front.
Also from the Howard Road at the Moorhouse front, up river view.
Hogans Pool on the lower stretches of the Miramichi River.

Hogans Pool today before dark with a ice jam just below and up the other side of the river. Later you will see where the ice jam lets go and pushes towards the camp.
this photo you will see a large junk of ice ready to break free, in the next few photos you will see the result.

The ice coming in towards the camp.

This photo shows the difference from the above photos just 15 minutes apart. Also in the summer you can walk to the middle of this pool with your shoes without getting wet.
You can see in this photo just within 15 minutes there was a change in the ice and it pushed the small yellow birch down on the camp and ice was pushing in towards the camp making loud noises and cracking the trees in front of the camp.
You can see there is about 2 to 3 feet of bank left and that bank is about 15 feet to the bottom.
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Hope you enjoy the photos of the ice conditions from around the Miramichi River.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford

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