Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Orange Flies worked on the Cain's

Fishing today on the Cain’s was outstanding! Guides Rodney & Gary Colford got into 4 fish this morning and had a 16 inch trout at Moore’s Pool. We also had several others take the fly but only bumped and was gone. The fly was a orange blossom special. One of the salmon caught was a 14 lb hen covered with sea lice fresh from the bay.

The water temperature was 45 F and was very clear. The winds picked up and made it very cool for the most part of the morning. So our fire made it very cozy to get warmed up by.

The main SW Miramichi River was slow today by the mouth of Cain’s. Still very high for this stretch of the river. Pool 66 was not producing any fish nor even seeing any. I think the fish are moving through very fast in this high water we have and when you get them up the Cain’s as far as we are with sea lice they must be moving through very quickly.

That’s all for now, I will try to report back this evening with the evening’s report.

Tight Lines,
Guide Rodney Colford

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